UCSD VPN: Create Connections from Remote Locations

The UCSD VPN is a virtual private connection. You may connect to it using any public network. It is secured with the help of certain tools and encryption. Consequently, the data is protected from leakage. No one can intercept the files you send. Another benefit of this VPN is that only authorized users are capable of accessing it. Let’s discuss the variety of services you get with a VPN and the advantages of the technology.

What is a VPN?

A VPN is a virtual private network that was created to secure data from being intercepted. This technology brings lots of advantages that include:

  • Enhanced security. The encryption protocols and zero-log policies make sure your activities are safe and protected from any third-party sources.
  • The remote control allows accessing the network from any other location. Big companies and universities create separate networks for the members only.
  • The share-files feature lets the users exchange the documents and files without worries that someone else will steal them. It’s especially important if sensitive information is involved.
  • Online anonymity during web browsing hides the user’s real IP address.
  • A changed IP address depends on the network and provider. For instance, if a student needs to reach on-campus resources when he’s off-campus, the proper IP address will make it look like he’s there.
  • Unblock content and sites. Some institutions create sites that can be accessed from a certain network.

The services you get with UCSD VPN

There are two main tools you get. First of all, you get AnyConnect. It’s a Cisco software VPN client that delivers the best features.

What’s more, there is EasyConnect which is a web-based VPN portal. This portal lets you reach library data that are completely secured. Also, it delivers remote access without the need to install special programs.

These tools are essential. Also, keep in mind that students now require two-step login verification.

The advantages of using the network

  • Everyone gets a dedicated IP address. It means that even if you connect remotely, the device will look like it’s on the premises.
  • Using this service, you won’t have to use the web proxy to reach resources that are restricted for campus only.
  • Just like any VPN, you’ll have completely encrypted and secured data exchange with UCSD.
  • The service also protects your passwords and data from being stolen or exposed.
  • Finally, connecting to this network, you’ll get access to “only on-campus” services.

How easy is it to access this network?

You must install the VPN AnyConnect client and the EasyConnect Web interface. Together they’ll let you access all features and benefits. Visit the official site to discover more and get some installation details.

All in all, it’s a VPN that helps you exchange traffic from your device and campus over a single encrypted connection. It’s totally safe and convenient. There is no need to worry your research will be stolen or revealed. All the papers are safe as long as they are sent via a VPN.


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