Sheppard Software: Free Online Learning

The Internet is full of things and activities for adults. However, there are lots to do for children, too. There are specially developed games for children’s development and joy. One website stands out from the rest. Sheppard Software is not only educational but fun. It offers useful content to children of all ages for no charge. Let’s discuss what this site can teach your child and who knows, you might be surprised.

The basic overview

The main peculiarity and advantage are that you can get so much free of charge. Sheppard Software works with children of different age groups making it suitable for preschoolers and older children.

It’s a powerful platform that has hundreds of educational games, activities, quizzes, articles, and information in the following categories:

  • Animal games, articles & quizzes
  • Preschool & Kindergarten,
  • Math,
  • US geography,
  • Science,
  • Language arts,
  • World geography,
  • Chemistry,
  • Health,
  • Brain,
  • Nutrition,
  • Paint activities,
  • Seasons for kids,
  • Puzzles,
  • History, etc.

It’s a convenient and beautiful website that teaches kids a lot but avoids controversial topics. The mission of the project is teaching them about plenty of things in a fun way. Visual effects are supposed to make the learning memorable while games with levels keep them challenged and engaged.

The layout of the site also lets you see that there are programs for kids from

  • Preschool,
  • Kindergarten,
  • Elementary school,
  • Middle school,
  • High school.

There are lots of helpful content for every age group. You’ll also notice different complexity/levels in the same category. The software covers such subjects as the USA, geography, health, science, math, etc.

Pricing policy

There’s isn’t a better prize than zero and the site manages to deliver you all free of charge. However, there are some ads. They don’t intervene with the games or prevent the child from doing the activities. You can remove them by upgrading for $36 per year. While it’s not obligatory, the cost is really affordable, too. It mainly depends on your preference and the possibility to supervise young kids (lest they click on the ads and buy things).

Pros and cons

The advantages:

  • It’s educational as the site covers lots of subjects.
  • The site is free to use and the upgrade is optional.

The disadvantages:

  • The design and graphics are outdated.
  • Older kids are lily to find it boring since they are used to complex apps and video games.

The verdict

In case you are looking for a free website with fun and educational activities for your children, Sheppard Software is a wonderful choice. Some graphics might seem outdated but the games are truly engaging and lead the child to the correct answer.

It’s also the best place to learn geography. The tool will quickly teach you about the location of the countries, the countries & states, etc. Even if this subject seems impossible for you, the software is likely to prove the opposite.

The variety and quality of content make it a very useful and interesting site that lets the children of all ages learn new things easily.