Avast VS Malwarebytes Comparison

Today, the choice of a reliable antivirus is a matter of primary importance for any user. Indeed, what can better protect a computer than a full-fledged comprehensive solution aimed at data safety and stable operation? This article is dedicated to the best antivirus programs that will give the user all the necessary tools to protect against viruses, prevent infection of the computer, block a malicious site, and will not load the system too much. In this Avast vs Malwarebytes article, we will write about these two antiviruses.

Avast Free Antivirus Overview

This application provides users with a full range of functions that prevent the OS from being infected by virus software. You can scan PCs, move threats to quarantine, monitor network security, and more.

Real-Time Protection

This function is considered one of the most important for users. Therefore, all software developers try to equip their products with it. The option allows you to monitor processes active on the PC and reports all detected threats in real-time.

The operation of the tool is provided with the help of special services, each of which is responsible for its own segment of tasks. There are 3 such services in the antivirus: for mail, for files, and for the web screen. The function detects virus software, spyware, and much other malicious software.


With the help of this antivirus, you can analyze the state of both the hard drive and removable media. The user can choose from several scanning options, which include express, full, media only, and so on. The most optimal check is when the OS boots. It helps to identify most of the virus software on your computer. The analysis procedure itself is carried out due to the huge information bases of the program and because of the tracking of the behavior of the software.

Smart Check

You can run a smart scan that helps not only detect viruses but also finds vulnerabilities in the OS. Based on the scan results, the user receives a detailed summary of the state of the PC, which helps to highlight the objects that require increased attention.

Malwarebytes Antivirus Description

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is a unique, powerful, smart, and free antivirus scanner that has to be used periodically. The main feature of the scanner is that it absolutely does not interfere with the work of the main antivirus. But on the contrary, it helps it in detecting and destroying malware. A huge plus for this antivirus scanner is the constant and free update of virus templates, which always makes it working in the up-to-date form.

This is not the only antivirus scanner on the planet, and this is an advantage. Each such program has its own unique algorithm for searching for viruses and other bad programs. It is for this reason that viruses do not have a chance to get into your favorite computer.