An Overview of Multi-Monitor Setup

Are you interested in a multi-monitor setup? You’ll probably need NVIDIA Surround. Playing video games this way brings more fun. However, it’s not that easy. One must not only buy several monitors and connect them to a PC. Plenty of other factors are involved, too. Let’s find out more about the

What is NVIDIA Surround?

The multi-monitor setup requires special software that will make the screens work together and bring a single picture. For instance, NVIDIA Surround can do it. It’s the technology that allows uniting several displays into one large display. The screens will bring the panoramic view of games on a user’s PC.

Using the controls, players can adjust their settings and achieve the best possible outcome. Keep in mind that there’ll be bezel gaps. So, make sure to tune up the settings to make up for them. Proper settings deliver a great quality image and smooth gaming experiences.

Minimum requirements

Remember that NVIDIA Surround works on Windows (7 and up). A user must have two SLI-ready GeForce 200 series or more advanced graphics card. Find out more details at the official website.

What else does a user need?

Verify you’ve got enough desk space. Since you plan on placing three monitors on the table, measure the dimensions. You must feel comfortable using them. Monitors should be placed safely.

Discover if your PC is powerful enough to work with the setup. Most gaming computers will easily cope with the task. However, in case your computer is average, a bit outdated, you’ll have to upgrade. Purchase a high-quality graphics card, monitors, and stands to get the best possible experience. The latter is a convenient addition.

The benefits of the multi-monitor setup

The multi-monitor setup is a good solution for numerous situations. For instance, such a solution could be perfect for office work. For example, if you need to multitask. Using several monitors, you’ll get more workspace for photo editing, content writing, spreadsheets comparison, etc.

Aside from serious tasks, many users opt for using several monitors for gaming purposes. Serious games require units with fast response time and a high refresh rate. For instance, G-Sync and FreeSync. Players can set up the screens the way they want, playing on one of them, while reading the information on the secondary screen.

It’s also a great solution because users can mix screens with different resolutions and specifications. Regardless of the reason why you chose this setup, the possibility can come in handy.

The drawbacks to the choice

On the other hand, some disadvantages could become decision-making factors for some people. They include:

  • Too much space occupied on the table;
  • The gap between the monitors;
  • Building a multi-monitor setup is expensive.

Consider these facts and look for an alternative solution if needed. For instance, there are monitors with tiny bezels that can minimize the gaps.

Bottom line

The information above must have provided you with a general idea of what a multi-monitor setup is, why people choose it, and what NVIDIA Surround is. Use this knowledge to get the best possible experience and enjoy the additional space for work or games.


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